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While some might think the blogging phase is over and done with, you’ll be surprised to know that creating a profitable blog today is much easier than you think. The way blog posts are consumed today is significantly different compared to how people consumed blog post a decade ago. In order to achieve results, bloggers must adapt to trends and create new and unique content.
Years ago, blogs were simply seen as text-and-image webpages.
But today, with the rise of social media and influencer marketing, content has completely shifted. Of course, there’s the age-old advice from “expert” bloggers like, “stay consistent,” “create good content,” and “write about your passions, hopes, and dreams, etc.”
With this advice, it would take you years to create a profitable blog. And while it may be true to a certain extent, there’s still some key elements you need to consider like, more specifically, start developing your content like a startup rather than a hobby.
Creating a blog is one thing, but monetizing your blog is another. Ignore the naysayers that claim blogging is dead. With the right steps, you can still launch a profitable blog in 2021…
Here’s how:
Creating engaging content for your blog is more than just writing about your hobbies or interests. You want to captivate you reader’s attention, and generally, the best way to do that is by telling them something they don’t already know.
Too many bloggers make the same mistake of writing, “Do this!” or “Do that!”-type blogs posts. But that’s not what your reader wants to hear. If they’re just looking for facts, they can go to Google and get their answer in less than a second.
Jithendar Dharmapuri, founder of TechLurn, creates captivating content on stories ranging from artificial intelligence to science and technology. In a recent phone conversation with Dharmapuri, he tells us what makes an engaging piece of content.
“The trick is to combine both expertise and opinion. For example, my passion is blogging — I love creating written content. But my profession is an IT engineer. Now you may ask, ‘How could those two things possibly have anything in common?’ Well, that’s the beauty of blogging; you can combine the two to write engaging content that caters to your audience.”
When writing a blog, the best thing to do it be precise and to the point. Your reader is there to learn about something new or something they identify with. Voicing our opinion can help draw them in, and showcasing your expertise on the subject shows the reader you know what you’re talking about. This will keep them engaged and leave them wanting more.
It’s no longer 2005. People don’t just ‘hang out’ or linger on blogs. These days, people visit your blog, scroll to the bottom, and look for any social media links. The trick is to use the social media platform that perfectly complements your content.
If you take photos or write about photography, check out Instagram. If you love video content, go with YouTube. If you like engaging in real-time conversations, Twitter might serve more to your liking.
Whatever you choose, make sure it relates to your niche.
And there’s no need to go crazy and create four different social media accounts — one channel will suffice. This will give you the opportunity to dedicate all your time and attention to a single outlet rather than switching between multiple different ones.
While its still important to grow your blog, growing your audience on social media is just as important in this day and age. Today, social media has become a full-time job. The term “influencer” doesn’t just mean someone who takes pretty pictures and posts them — although some believe this to be true.
Influencers make regular posts on their preferred social media platforms while capturing and creating content that caters to those platforms. Since influencers have a big say on what’s “in” and what’s “out,” brands often use influencers to promote their company and buy their products.
Regardless of which outlet they choose, the most successful bloggers put a lot of effort into their social media posts. By applying yourself wholeheartedly to your blog and your social media following, you can expect to see considerable growth.
As the old saying goes, “The money is in the list.”
When you first open social media, swarms of ads come flying at you. Whether it’s the “discover” page or your own personal feed featuring “recommended” ads, the chances of someone tapping or clicking on your profile are quite low…
In most cases, they’ll just keep scrolling.
Instead, take your advertising to email. While there’s misconceptions that email subscriptions are out of date, the most successful companies beg to differ. Using an email list allows you to deliver a one-on-one message with your readers.
It’s the best way to connect customers to your blog. In fact, you are six-times more likely to get a higher click-rate from emails than tweets. It’s also a more efficient way to bring in new customers.
Email marketing serves as one the primary ways to drive traffic to your blog and communicate with your audience. This helps establish trust between you and potential readers, and as a result, grow your blog into a profitable side hustle.


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