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Stay smart with your money.
Knowing how to manage your money can be tough. Personal finance isn’t something that’s typically taught in schools, and if you don’t have a financially savvy person in your life, you might be left to figure it out on your own.

To help you learn more about money management and how to get more value from the things you do every day, Narcity got in touch with Erica Nielsen, Senior Vice President of Everyday Banking and Client Growth at RBC.
They spoke about tips to help you manage your money, and the launch of RBC Vantage — which gives you access to a comprehensive suite of benefits, interactive tools, rewards and savings available simply by having an RBC bank account.

David Iskander | Unsplash
“Saving money is not impossible and reaching your goals is easier if you start by making a plan,” said Nielsen. “Having an incentive in mind can also make it easier to avoid spending your savings on an immediate temptation.”
As a first step, a good tip is to take stock of where you are financially and put your goals down on paper. Having both short-term goals (like paying off credit card debt or heading off on a weekend getaway) and long-term goals (such as buying a house) will help inspire you to leave that money alone.
S Migaj | Unsplash
Look for a rewards program that makes it easy to earn points for the things you are already doing every day.
With RBC Vantage, for example, eligible clients can now earn RBC Rewards when using debit. Not only will this give you more ways to earn rewards, it’s a big benefit if you don’t have a rewards credit card. You can also get access to so many more rewards and savings from great Canadian brands like Petro-Canada and Rexall.
“Whether you’re saving up for a big purchase or looking for ways to pay for everyday expenses and purchases, rewards points can play an important role,” said Nielsen.
Eugene Chystiakov | Unsplash
It may be hard to know which bank account is right for you. A good place to start is by looking for an account that offers features that leave more money in your wallet – from ways to save on monthly fees and unlimited transactions to savings on ATM fees.
To help you in your search, RBC has launched new interactive tools to make it easy to find the account that best meets your needs and discover even more benefits.
And if you are a student, make sure to check out the new RBC Advantage Banking. The monthly fee on this account is free for full-time students during your studies.
Eren Li | Pexels
AI-driven tools, like NOMI, make it easier to break down some of the barriers some people might face when managing money, such as not having enough time and not paying close attention to your financial situation. From budgeting to saving, NOMI can help you manage your finances with confidence. (More to come on this!)
You can also use a helpful digital platform like MyAdvisor to create a personalized plan and connect with an advisor in your community, online, by phone or in person.
Christina @ wocintechchat.com | Unsplash
“Budgeting is a fundamental tool that helps you manage your money and stay in good financial shape,” said Nielsen. “It puts you in control of your day-to-day spending and financial future by making you more aware of where your money is going.”
Despite this, less than half (49%) of Canadians keep a budget, according to the 2019 Canadian Financial Capability Survey. If you’re considering getting on top of your budgeting but feel overwhelmed at the idea, rest assured that you don’t have to start from scratch.
Consider a digital tool like NOMI Budgets which does the heavy lifting for you. It takes the math out of money management by recommending personalized budgets for you based on your spending habits, and it can help you stay on track with notifications and reminders.
Jeremy Bishop | Unsplash
Setting up automatic transfers from your chequing to your savings account can help you keep up with your savings goals, especially if you tend to spend your income as soon as it lands in your account.
There are also convenient tools out there to help you never miss an opportunity to save. Through RBC’s NOMI Find & Save, for example, clients may save money they didn’t even know they had. This feature “uses predictive technology” to find extra dollars it thinks you won’t miss and automatically moves them into a savings account.
Keira Burton | Pexels
There are plenty of resources and experts out there that can help you get better with money, create a savings plan, decide on a budget and more.

Whether you read what experts say online or get personalized advice from a banking professional, the important thing is deciding that you want to learn more about your money and looking for guidance.

And when it comes to your everyday banking needs, RBC Vantage brings together useful features that can help you get your finances on the right track and more value out of your banking.

This content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, legal, tax or accounting advice.
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From potlucks to brunch in bed — just get it delivered.
Whether it’s celebrating over dinner or indulging in desserts, the holiday season’s special moments usually centre around a good meal.
With festivities lining up quickly, ordering takeout from Montreal’s many top-notch restaurants can help alleviate some of the event-planning stress.
Plus, many local spots have upped their takeout game in 2021, making it easier than ever to grab a dish for a potluck or find the best brunch to enjoy in bed.
Whatever your reason for getting takeout, you can make use of SkipTheDishes‘ easy ordering process. With speedy delivery times and over 47,000 restaurants across the country, Skip is Canada’s largest delivery network service for a reason.
From late-night munchies to an impromptu cocktail party, ordering in from these top-rated Montreal restaurants can elevate any occasion.

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Address: 3271, boul. Taschereau, Greenfield Park, QC (Dunn’s Famous); 2229, av. du Mont-Royal E., Montreal, QC (Restaurant Pho 911); 1404, rue Drummond, Montreal, QC (Joe’s Panini)
With all the tastiest foods Montreal has to offer readily available for takeout, you can create a date-night-in that’s as fancy or casual as you like. Get dressed up and set the table or stay in your PJs on the couch — it’s your call.
If you love Montreal staples, Dunn’s Famous has been making old-fashioned smoked meats since 1927. This family biz serves up mouthwatering smoked meat sandwiches, chargrilled steaks, burgers and poutine.
You can also go for a delivery classic like authentic Vietnamese from Restaurant Pho 911. They’ve got all the favourites, including pad-thai and pho, as well as a ton of vegetarian options for the herbivores in your life.
Ever had a date night go until 3 a.m.? When hunger strikes, Joe’s Panini has your back with 24-hour service. Not only is this local staple super convenient, but it also has 25 creative and tasty sandwiches on offer.
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Address: 4201, rue Jarry E., Saint-Leonard, QC (Wing Phat); 9, av. St-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC (Patate et Persil); 5501, boul. Gouin O., Montreal, QC (Paulo & Suzanne)
If you have a lot of mouths to feed this holiday season, take a step back from the kitchen for a night or two and place an order with SkipTheDishes. Now that’s self-care.
Guests craving something a bit more international? Wing Phat cooks specialty dishes from China, Vietnam and Thailand — so at least your taste buds can feel like they’re on vacation this holiday season.
Priding themselves on their “revamped fast-food,” Patate et Persil is a homemade snack bar offering poutine, quesadillas, burgers and sandwiches perfect for the whole family.
For comfort eats at your door quicker than it would take to prep a meal, grab some breakfast for dinner, epic burgers or loaded poutine at Paulo & Suzanne. Hungry yet?

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Address: 1217, boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, QC (Montreal Pool Room); 5563, av. de Monkland, Montreal, QC (Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill); 7077, boul. Newman, Lasalle, QC (La Belle et La Boeuf)
Game day usually means quality bar food, and you can’t really go wrong with Montreal Pool Room. Open since 1912, this place has pub cuisine down to an art. Try their famous hot dog options or keep it simple with a hamburger or poutine. It’s like having a hot dog at a hockey game, but at home.

If you’ve got a few mouths to feed, check out the crowd-pleasing appetizers from Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill. The Monkland Village fixture serves up tacos, curry, nachos, mac and cheese, calamari and the good “olde” list goes on.
If you and your game-day crew appreciate a crafty burger, order a round of La Belle et La Boeuf‘s 100% certified Angus beef burgers. Try the “Hangover,” made with two patties, six pancakes and mango salsa — it’s definitely better than any other hangover you might get these holidays.

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Address: 3469, av. du Parc, Montreal, QC (Alto Restaurant); 6549, rue Jarry E., Montreal, QC (Jarry Smoked Meat); 994, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC (La Banquise)
When the clock strikes midnight and you feel the craving for something salty, sweet, crunchy, and cheesy pop up, fear not! Montreal’s offerings are just a quick delivery drive away.
For some, nothing beats pizza for those midnight munchies. If that sounds like you, Alto Restaurant will deliver their entire menu of imaginative pizzas, poutines and souvlaki to you without question until 5 a.m. What a time to be alive.
If you long for a Montreal staple, treat your taste buds to St. Leonard’s Jarry Smoked Meat. The landmark deli is always open, allowing you to grab some smoked-meat sandwiches, pizzas and steaks from dusk until dawn.
A late-night snack run isn’t complete without poutine. Open 24 hours, La Banquise has every poutine topping imaginable, including guacamole, veggie patties and pogos, to satisfy any cheese and gravy fan.

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Address: 112, rue Bernard O., Montreal, QC (Pizza Lafayette); 6065, rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC (Pizza Lafontaine); 206, rue Jarry E., Montreal, QC (Vesta)
If takeout had a mascot, it would be a slice of pizza. Thankfully, you can find slices all across Montreal, with a ton of quality pizzerias in every neighbourhood.
Pizzeria Lafayette serves up delicious pizza creations from all-dressed to four-cheese (and the eye-watering Diablo). This extensive menu brings the authentic quality you’d expect from a pizza joint that’s been open since 1962.
For the classic pizza lover, the menu at Pizza Lafontaine features all the favourites including seafood, pesto, alfredo and goat cheese toppings.
Named after the Roman goddess of home and family, Vesta serves up pizza tasting just like mama used to make. With an accompanying wine list and homemade pasta on the menu, this place delivers great Italian cuisine.

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Address: 2215, boul. Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent, QC (Mr. Puffs); 7210, boul. Langelier, Saint-Leonard, QC (Rockaberry); 1224, av. du Mont-Royal E., Montreal, QC (La Diperie)
Not everyone can bake when a craving for cookies or pie hits, which is why delivery is the fastest way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
For something hot and sweet, grab a box of iconic Mr. Puffs, complete with your choice of toppings, including chocolate, salted caramel and honey cinnamon. This popular Montreal spot will also deliver their decadent Twisters, milkshakes or coffees too.
Pie fans, this one’s for you. From blueberry lemon shortcake to raspberry fudge cheese, Rockaberry brings you spectacular desserts that have to be seen to be believed. They know the pie game and they play it well.
If you’re looking for a place that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store, La Diperie is the spot. This one-stop ice-cream shop will deliver a sugar rush of cakes, donuts, cookie dough and (duh) ice cream right to your doorstep.

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Address: 6827, rue St-Dominique, Montreal, QC (Pizzeria GEMA); 925, rue Fleury E., Montreal, QC (Wa Wa Sushi); 5188, rue Jarry E., Montreal, QC (Café Milano)
At least once, let someone else cook the holiday feast. With fast and reliable delivery, SkipTheDishes means you can enjoy your dinner without the added stress of making it. Order a spread of gourmet pizzas from Pizzeria GEMA to win over the whole table.
For a flavour-packed meal that can be served up buffet style in your home, Wa Wa Sushi delivers platters loaded with up to 76 pieces of sushi along with whatever other Japanese delicacies you fancy.
Café Milano, meanwhile, makes sandwiches and salads with ingredients like steak, chicken, meatballs and veal cutlets for a tasty feast right at your dinner table. Don’t forget to grab some desserts, like cannoli or xangos, for that sweet touch.

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Address: 227, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC (Café Chez Téta); 1800, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC (Bird Bar); 7196, boul. Langelier, Montreal, QC (Petinos)
Brunch in bed is always a good idea, just don’t forget the napkins! Drawing on Lebanese cuisine, Café Chez Téta offers manoucheh (freshly baked flatbread) that comes with all sorts of toppings, from za’atar to kechek, for a flavour-packed meal to wake you right up.
Fried chicken for brunch at Bird Bar sounds like the ideal meal after a night out. Dive into their weekend brunch menu that includes avocado toast, chicken and waffles and smoked salmon benedict to start your day off right.
Inspired by the sound of a rooster in the morning, Petinos is the epitome of a homestyle brunch. Check out the restaurant’s comprehensive menu of crepes, french toast and egg combos for the ultimate in-bed breakfast.

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Address: 3735, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC (Restaurant Kioko); 6185, rue Belanger, Montreal, QC (Ebisu Sushi); 1365, rue Ontario E., Montreal, QC (Poutineville)
If you’re attending a potluck, bringing a dish that travels easily, is ready to eat and can satisfy a crowd is where it’s at.
Sushi from Restaurant Kioko is always a good go-to, offering platters of unique sushi creations up to 80 pieces. You can even tell Skip to deliver it where you’re headed.
More ready-to-eat goodness can be found at Ebisu Sushi with their yummy poke bowls, pizza sushi and vegetarian options for potluck attendees.
It wouldn’t be a Montreal-style potluck without at least one person bringing poutine. Let it be you this holiday season with an order from Poutineville. The cozy spot lets you construct your own poutine from a massive list of 40 ingredients, including 11 kinds of cheese and four types of potato.

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Address: 8247, boul. Metropolitain E., Montreal, QC (La Poule en Feu); 5942, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC (L’Gros Luxe); 4319, rue St-Denis, Montreal, QC (Tomato La Boîte à Pizza)
What’s a holiday feast without a festive drink to sip on? SkipTheDishes lets you order alcohol right to your doorstep, and all you need is your ID and to meet the minimum food order.
If you’re planning for a bigger group (or just want to keep it simple), you can get beer or wine from La Poule en Feu. This charcoal-grilling joint has a delivery-ready drink menu for anyone over 18 to enjoy (responsibly).
You might not be able to get L’Gros Luxe‘s famous Caesars on Skip, but you can peruse their extensive wine and beer offerings. They even have cider for delivery.
For a taste of a European holiday, try out one of Tomato La Boîte à Pizza beers. They offer the Belgian Martens pilsner by the can, or you can get a bottle of Italian Menabrea delivered.
Let SkipTheDishes do the heavy lifting this holiday season so you can spend more time with loved ones and less worrying about cooking. For any event you may be hosting, impressive food from Montreal’s top kitchens is just a couple of clicks away on SkipTheDishes.
Whether you’re hosting a party or just craving some sugar, Skip makes it easy to elevate those holiday moments with delicious eats that fill up your belly and your heart.
MTL Blog does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol. If you are going to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and only if you’re of legal age.
The best way to fulfill your ambitions.
If you have communication and customer service skills, and you’re looking for a new and exciting job with great conditions, then you may want to check out the job postings at the National Bank.
One of Canada’s top six banks (and the biggest in Quebec), National Bank is looking for people to help and support customers through its client contact centres. If you’re an attentive listener, an expert problem solver, are bilingual and love learning new things, this could be the job for you.
National Bank‘s mission is to cultivate a people-centric, inclusive and stimulating environment for its employees, offering them the chance to grow and advance within the organization.
Haven’t thought about working in a call centre before? There are a lot of benefits to call centre jobs (nice wages and advancement opportunities are just the beginning), and it could be exactly what you need if you’re ready to move ahead in your career.

Every day is different at National Bank, where you’ll be key in helping clients find simple, secure and customized solutions to all sorts of situations.
You’ll play an important role in bringing customers’ projects to life, and their gratitude is a reminder of the active contribution you made in supporting them to achieve their goals.
National Bank operates all across the country, which means you could have a positive impact on the lives of millions of Canadians, whether by phone or email.
Courtesy of National Bank of Canada
To reflect the changing nature of call centre jobs and recognize its employees’ expertise, National Bank has recently renamed its call centre the “Customer Experience Centre.”
Agents regularly find themselves in situations where they can let their financial prowess shine when giving clients advice. This is why employees are encouraged to develop both their customer service skills and their banking knowledge.
Proud of its agents’ commitment and growth, the National Bank pays attention to what the Customer Experience Centre team members need and ensures that they’re happy in their roles by changing workplace practices based on employee feedback.

Pexels | Yan Krukov
National Bank firmly believes that a company that embraces diversity and values inclusivity is a strong and innovative one, which is why it launched a plan to create an open and welcoming culture for all.
National Bank is committed to adapting to the realities of its employees and strives to maintain its reputation as a people-centred institution, with well-being and teamwork as two of the bank’s core values.
There are many jobs available at National Bank, including as a call centre agent. Because there are different customer experience centres, each with its own specialty, you’ll have the chance to help customers with all sorts of issues and expand your own knowledge and skill base at the same time.
You’d be providing customer service to people from a variety of backgrounds and in all sorts of locations, making no two days on the job the same.
Whether you’re interested in investment, credit, insurance, brokerage or all of the above, there are plenty of opportunities to learn.
Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
If you have a passion for both tech and helping people, a job at National Bank allows you to explore both.
Technology is an integral part of the job. You’ll be using mobile apps and online services daily to communicate with clients and turn their issues into solutions.
By listening to your client’s needs and using your knowledge of the digital tools and tricks available, you can become an expert in customer service and a tech wizard at the same time.
Courtesy of National Bank of Canada
National Bank offers a variety of financial benefits. As a call centre agent, you’ll start at $21 an hour with two guaranteed raises in your first year, six weeks of paid training, and opportunities for evening and weekend bonuses.
National Bank also offers flexible schedules, so you can work part time or full time, up to a maximum of 37.5 hours per week.
There are a few different places where you can work from too. For example, if you’re a city dweller, you can work from National Bank’s convenient downtown location near the Square-Victoria-OACI station.
If you’re a student looking for a job, National Bank also offers tuition reimbursements. The company respects your school schedule and cares about your ability to strike a good work-study balance.
Pexels | Mikhail Nilov
In addition to competitive wages, National Bank also offers exclusive programs to help its employees save and plan for retirement.
Team members get vacation leave in their first year of employment and have access to a great health and wellness program, flexible group insurance plan and pension plan.
Telehealth services and a share-acquisition plan are also available to all employees.
Pexels | Emmy E

Jobs at National Bank are open to people from all sorts of backgrounds. Whether you’re a student looking for a career change or you’re semi-retired, there’s a job for you.
All you need is a high-school diploma, the ability to speak both French and English fluently, a dynamic personality and the willingness to learn and grow.
Sounds good? To apply, head to National Bank’s website, create your applicant profile and fill out a questionnaire about your skills and interests. Your profile will remain active for two years, and you can update your information anytime you want.

After you apply, you’ll receive an email confirming that the team received your application. All that’s left to do is cross your fingers and wait for the next step!
This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.
Use it in the app wherever you are — at home or on the go.
Since the onset of the pandemic, many Quebecers have been paying more attention to what they spend and where they spend it on a daily basis. But monitoring your financial habits is easier said than done, so it’s essential to have the right tools to help you stay on track.
Budgeting and managing your cash flow is super important when it comes to living your best adult life, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult things to nail.

That’s why RBC launched a new capability within its banking app that — along with the app’s other capabilities — provides you with the insights and advice you need to manage your money. Get ready to save some serious coin.
The app’s new NOMI (“know me”) Forecast feature leverages AI technology to help you manage your cash flow by providing a rolling forecast for upcoming preauthorized withdrawals from your account within the next seven days.
NOMI Forecast predicts when your expected expenses are due (like rent, phone bills and student loan payments), which means you’ll have visibility on upcoming financial obligations. It can help you confidently manage your spending and avoid unnecessary expenses. Now you can have more control over your finances than ever.
The new tool complement’s RBC’s existing lineup of NOMI capabilities, like NOMI Find & Save, which uses predictive technology to find the money you won’t miss and stores those extra dollars away in a special account you set up for safekeeping.

7 Money-Managing Tips Every Millennial Should Know, According To A Canadian Banking Professional - MTL Blog Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels
According to RBC, clients using NOMI Find & Save have saved an average of $415 per month — or about $5,000 per year.
It will even automatically move money from your NOMI Find & Save account back to your normal account. This is to cover any upcoming payments that are due to come out of your linked chequing account that you may not have enough funds for. Now you know you won’t go into overdraft.
Finally, RBC clients can easily create a personalized budget — without touching a calculator or an overwhelming spreadsheet — through NOMI Budgets. It suggests a monthly budget for you based on your spending habits.
NOMI Budgets monitors five types of major spending — shopping, dining, transportation, entertainment and cash withdrawals — and keeps you updated with regular notifications to let you know if you’re over, under or on track with your monthly goal.
Now when you go out for coffee with your friends, you can actually be present instead of feeling guilty about buying that cappuccino.
All of RBC’s NOMI tools and features are available in the RBC app, which now also has an in-app authentication process, 2-Step Verification, to keep all of your transactions extra safe and secure.
Compared to regular two-factor authentication, 2-Step Verification is quicker and more convenient: it’s done strictly in the RBC app — no more fetching security codes from emails or texts.

7 Money-Managing Tips Every Millennial Should Know, According To A Canadian Banking Professional - MTL Blog MART PRODUCTION | Pexels
This builds on other RBC safeguards to protect your most personal information in the digital space, like ID Verification, fraud monitoring, two-way fraud alerts and Card Lock, which allows you to lock your card immediately from the app if you’ve misplaced it.
Managing your money can be stressful. Know that RBC’s got your back with its many budgeting, forecasting and security tools, like NOMI and 2-Step Verification.

This content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, legal, tax or accounting advice.
This article was originally published on Narcity Canada.
No prior experience needed!
Whether you’re looking to get your start in the working world, craving some change or are ready to take your career to the next level, a position that offers good pay, great benefits and excellent company culture is the dream. You’ll find all three (and more) at Sekure Merchant Solutions.
Sekure works within the payment-processing industry, dealing directly with small- to mid-sized businesses. With an emphasis on teamwork and coaching, it’s been rated one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers and Canada’s Top Employers for Recent Grads for several years in a row.
But if you’re considering a career with Sekure, its accolades are only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also be helping small businesses thrive during a challenging period for mom-and-pop stores and getting some sweet perks at the same time.
A gig with Sekure means joining a passionate group of people who love what they do, but it also means having access to cool stuff like 5-à-7 Fridays in the office, free breakfast, professional training, company events, a competitive salary and more.
Sekure’s Great Place to Work Committee is constantly brainstorming new ways to bring employees together (both safely in person and virtually). Sekure also has regular campaigns to support their employees’ health and well-being, like Mental Health Week.

7 Money-Managing Tips Every Millennial Should Know, According To A Canadian Banking Professional - MTL Blog Courtesy of Sekure
With full-time jobs available (ranging from entry-level sales roles that require no previous experience to senior sales positions), Sekure has a generous base pay and high-income potential.
The company offers commission with no cap, bonuses and daily incentives as well as prizes for top-performing team members. All told, a senior sales role could see you taking home six figures annually.
Plus, working hours are from nine to five on weekdays, meaning your evenings and weekends are free to do as you please, whether you work remotely or from the Sekure office in Place Ville Marie (PVM).
Located smack dab in Montreal’s Downtown, PVM boasts top-notch restos, stores and amenities like banks, pharmacies and Canada Post.
Right now, Sekure is specifically in need of English speakers with or without sales or call-centre experience. If that sounds like you, you can check out the available roles on Sekure’s career page.
And if you get the job, refer a friend! Sekure is offering its employees up to $1,000 for successful referrals.

When: Now
Where: Montreal
Details: Sekure is offering roles for English speakers in Montreal, from entry-level jobs with no experience needed to senior sales positions with high-earning potential.


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