Famecast Media and HipHopTV Form Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the Music and Creator Economies - Yahoo Finance

Strategic partnership enables hip-hop artists to join a global community of artists and fans

Empowers artists to take control of their audiences, data, and monetization with their own fan channels and apps
OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Famecast Media, an intelligent audience monetization platform and network, announced a strategic partnership with HipHopTV and the launch of HipHopTV.com (a new artist ecosystem built around hip-hop music, lifestyle, sports, and culture) powered by Famecast’s FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Engagement) Platform. FAME helps content creators, including hip-hop musical artists, turn their creations, passions, and hobbies into a professional, monetized business.
With HipHopTV’s artist-branded communities and unique upload feature, hip-hop artists can easily sign up to launch their own channel and become part of the HipHopTV community ecosystem, where artists are valued and rewarded financially for their work. HipHopTV artists will be able to host and live stream, videos, audio, music, masterclasses and more, plus offer memberships, subscriptions, tickets, and merchandise to their fans through their own branded communities. HipHopTV is designed to allow creators to own their audience and benefit financially from their content rather than being beholden to outdated industry revenue models.
“Hip-hop music and culture drive social media, entertainment and business trends, yet hip-hop hasn’t had its own online global community that’s owned by the community until now,” said Shawn Granberry, CEO of HipHopTV. “We’re excited to partner with Famecast to empower hip-hop artists with their own branded channels and launch the first online global community and ecosystem for hip-hop artists and fans.”
HipHopTV will launch with hip-hop artists including Mistah F.A.B., Hieroglyphics, Lyrics Born, as well as notable female media platform, Hype Hair, the number one hair and beauty source that celebrates the ultimate beauty within women of color.
“Hip-hop artists have traditionally been taken advantage of, first by the music labels and now by the social media giants, who have all profited handsomely from artists’ work while giving them cents on the dollar,” said Granberry. “With HipHopTV, hip-hop artists will be able to take control of their audiences and maximize their revenue potential with their own branded channels and apps, instead of handing their audiences, revenue, and valuable data to the labels and social media giants.”
HipHopTV.com is powered by Famecast’s FAME, an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need for artists to learn the technical mechanics of several online social media platforms. Powered by AI, this combines the best features of over 20 tools across e-commerce, merchandising, payments, event scheduling, live streaming, community, website channels, social media, CRM and more into one comprehensive platform. By leveraging FAME, HipHopTV’s creators will benefit from one workflow system to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue.
“FAME helps creator brands, providing a seamless one-stop platform that eliminates the need for multiple backend tools and channels,” said Rex Wong, CEO Famecast Media. “We’re thrilled to bring these tools and technology to hip-hop artists globally with HipHopTV. FAME will allow hip-hop creators to drive revenue through our commerce platform and events while streamlining their social engagement for maximum impact across channels.”
About Famecast Media
Famecast Media is an intelligent audience monetization platform and network. Famecast has developed the FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Engagement) Platform, which solves an increasingly large workflow fragmentation problem for Creators. The FAME Platform is an end-to-end solution platform, which is a single platform that provides tools for social media analysis & marketing, content creation, viral content distribution & syndication, data management, advertising and e-commerce. Famecast Media is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Athens.
Based in Oakland, California, HipHopTV is the first global home for hip-hop and sports. It uses live video technology to attract and engage audiences, and in turn allows creators to monetize their data and content. In addition, HipHopTV utilizes its vast talent access and award-winning production teams to develop original content, licensing opportunities and sponsorships for global audiences and brands.
Media Contact: Michelle Parks
(917) 545-5846

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