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Facebook, a word almost every person on this planet has come across in their day-to-day life, has become the new normal and almost every netizen prefers to use this. Before we move ahead, let’s get acquainted to what this app really is and it is about. Facebook is an American multinational technology conglomerate, which is based in California, United States, falls in the industry of social media. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it has consistently burgeoned since then, irrespective of any competition or hinderance. 
Facebook, which is currently a subsidiary of Meta, is one of the world’s most valuable companies, and is also among the S&P 100 and S&P 500 companies in the world. Currently, a majority of shares are being owned by its CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg which makes him own this conglomerate. 
Why do we need Facebook video views for our Facebook page?
 As far as we know about this app, it is all about people posting their day-to-day life memories and moments, which can be shared as a pic, video, or text. 
It has a bunch of intriguing features that takes the user experience to the next level and further taking the simple photograph or video posted to many levels ahead, such as like, comment, editing, reactions etc. We are going to discuss one such feature and everything about it in a much comprehensive way. This feature, we are going to talk about, is posted video and its views. 
So, the question arises, why do we need Facebook video views for our Facebook page? The basic answer to this question could be, to actually get the idea or the number of people one’s posted video is reaching to and how many among them are watching it, which eventually becomes the source of attraction for various users towards that posted video; the more the views would be, the more users will get attracted towards it. Getting deeper into this feature, Facebook provides metrics like minutes viewed which is the time a video has been viewed for; video views which tells us the number of people who has watched our video, and the average watch time. All these features can provide great insights which further generates the most engagement with their viewers. 
How to get it? 
After getting the answer of why do we need video views, we must also know how to get it done? There are plenty of ways to get it done, but the most suitable and simplest way to get the desired number of views or likes would be through a website or an app which should be specialised in the same. For that, there’s a well-known website named, which also has its app named Facebook Like Checker. 
Features of
Actually, this is a free app that helps Facebook users in checking any Facebook page likes country wise. It is a great tool for finding out the demographics of various Facebook pages. This app helps businesses in finding out in which country they are popular, based on their Facebook Page Likes. If a business has its page, they must use this app and take advantages out of it. Let’s go through its advantages and features:
● Additional Features- This app also has some additional features. It has a feature, which is known as the “Facebook Like Analyzer” which helps in finding out the fake Facebook likes on a page and post. This app or website Facebook Like Checker also provides many other services which are generally the buying of likes for the posts. It provides the services of Buy Facebook Post Likes, Buy Facebook Page Likes, Buy Facebook Likes, and Buy Facebook Followers. One who is seeking for to increase the views or likes of a particular post must opt for the Buy Facebook Post Likes, and your desired work i.e., to augment the likes or views of the post would be completed. 
● Easy to use- This app or website is literally very easy to access and use. Anybody who has internet in their device may use this smoothly without any hinderance.
● Appropriate price- The prices or money one has to pay in order to acquire his desired number of likes or followers, is moderate and low enough to afford these.
● 24*7 Accessible- Anybody who want to buy such pack can easily access it irrespective of the time as it is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. 
● Privacy- This app is a well reputed one and protects their users’ data and information, and hence it has gained many people’s confidence.
Steps to get likes using this app
After getting aware of the basic knowledge about this app, one ought to know how this works? 
1. For buying the likes or views on a post, one need to simply visit the website or simply download the app with the same name. 
2. After this, just scroll down and go to the other services section where there would be a few options to buy some likes on various aspects. 
3. Just click the Buy Facebook Video Views, it’ll take one to the new website where different packages would be displayed and one will need to opt anyone to get their desired number of views or likes. 
4. For buying a package, the following three steps need to be followed – 
a. Choose Package, as per your requirements; 
b. Enter Details – provide details about what you need to boost now. 
c. Then, wait for the results – one can pay via card or any other available method. They will inform you once it completes. 
Therefore, it seems to be the easiest way to increase ones’ likes or views.
Facebook has over 3 billion users worldwide, and so has become one of the biggest social media conglomerates in the world, and along with such a huge user base, comes the responsibility also, whether it is of maintaining privacy or it is of security, handling data with care or with cautiousness. In the contemporary world, people are getting acquainted to the upcoming innovative technologies, and Facebook is one among them. Now, people don’t use this app only for entertainment, passing time or to improve their network, but they are now using it to earn money, to spread knowledge or learnings, to accumulate knowledge, to do advertisement or promotion, to cause awareness, to do their own online business, to make blogs, to write articles and many more other advantages. Although these all are examples of positive aspect of social media, there are negative too. So, be vigilant while using any social media app. 
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