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Watch episode 4 above – and if you want to catch up on the whole series, you can watch episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3 on demand now.
Ongoing digital transformation holds the promise of improving productivity and bringing important changes and lasting implications for small businesses – but they need the right tools and resources readily available to them to open a whole new world of opportunity.  
Signaling a new dawn for two small business owners who The Drum and Facebook – with the support of two teams of industry contributors in the UK and US – set out to help digitally transform as part of the mission for ‘The Digital Makeover’, the fourth and final episode in the series brings all the key players involved in the project together to reflect on the experience.
For Jim Little of the 100-year-old Caurnie Soaperie the experience has been an enjoyable one, “it’s been enlightening, and the process has opened my eyes – it’s been great!”
Similarly, for Alice Liu of Grand Tea and Imports in Chinatown, New York, the experience has also been positive, with lots of ideas shared to support her family business, “to be able to meet people from the top of their game, we’re really so incredibly lucky to have been a part of this.”
The industry experts share their top tips about how small businesses can look to improve their digital presence and performance – providing lasting, tangible advice for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.  So what are the key takeaways from this season?
Stay true to yourself, your company, and your brand: consumers know when a brand is being authentic
Ensure your value proposition communicates your unique selling point
Focus on making one improvement at a time – iterate and test!
Stay consistent with your branding, while keeping digital-first design in mind
Be consistent with your messaging and branding, so consumers will better understand your brand, your values, and purpose
Use consistent messaging across your products, website, and social accounts
Create content that will resonate with your audience – this will help improve your SEO
Treat your products as story-telling elements for your business
High-quality product photography can boost your e-commerce success
Leverage social media platforms and channels – so consumers know where to engage and interact with your brand
Implement a connected customer experience to improve brand engagement
Use social media platforms to build an engaged customer community
Make the most out of digital advertising tools (e.g. Instagram ads) and e-commerce tools (e.g. Facebook Shops)
Even small amounts of PR can get you in front of new customers
And finally, make use of resources like Blueprint, a Meta skills and training program that lets people and businesses reach their goals with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Such courses offer invaluable e-commerce and digital tools that can help futureproof your small business. To find out more, visit Blueprint for training, certification, and free courses here.

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