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A loan payment calculator like the one below can help you gauge the costs of your mortgage — both monthly and over the entire life of your loan. It can also help inform your homebuying decision, guiding you toward the right price range, as well as helping you understand how much you might need to save and budget for before making your move.
Enter your loan information to calculate how much you could pay
With a $ home loan, you will pay $ monthly and a total of $ in interest over the life of your loan. You will pay a total of $ over the life of the mortgage.
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There are many use cases for a mortgage loan payments calculator. It can help you calculate your estimated monthly payment, set your homebuying budget, and more.
Here are just a few ways to use it:
If you’re not sure what to put in for the interest rate on the calculator, scroll down and see what mortgage rates you can expect in today’s market. You can also apply for rate quotes from several different lenders below.
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Credible allows you to compare all of our partner lenders in the table below at once, all by filling out just one simple form.
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With a mortgage loan payment calculator, you can determine:
This can help you make a smarter, more informed decision for your finances.
Mortgage loan payment calculators aren’t just for homebuyers, either. You can use one when considering a home equity loan, HELOC, or refinance to help gauge your options and calculate your costs.
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Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio indicates how much of your income is accounted for by debt — like credit cards and student loans.
Mortgage lenders use your DTI to determine what sort of monthly payment you can comfortably afford. In general, they want to see a DTI of 43% or less, though it can be higher or lower depending on the lender and loan product.
$600 + $400 = $1,000
$1,000 is 20% of $5,000
The loan payment calculator can also help you determine your loan terms. Just enter your expected home price and interest rate, and see what the costs come to for both a 15-year and a 30-year term.
The right decision depends on your budget and what you can manage financially, given your income and existing debts.
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To ensure you have the best shot at qualifying for a loan, you should:
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When getting a mortgage, it’s always important to get pre-approved. You should also compare rates, mortgage APR, and fees.
Check mortgage rates:
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