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A new trailer reveals that festive decorations and everybody’s favorite first-gen dragon are on their way to Pokémon Unite in time for Christmas.
Pokémon Unite‘s latest trailer reveals that Dragonite and a whole host of festive decorations are on their way to the game for the holiday season.
The trailer posted on the game’s YouTube channel reveals an Aeos Island in the depths of winter. Snow covers the ground, statues of the Ice-type Pokémon Vanillite adorn the buildings and snowboards lean against the walls. It also showcases festive versions of Crustle, who nows carries a cake on his back, and Pikachu, who wears a Santa outfit and can even fly in a sled. Trainers and a handful of Pokémon can also wear Christmas hats, while less festively, chef outfits will also be available for a select few monsters. Battles also appear to reward the player with Christmas presents.
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The trailer also reveals that a new Pokémon is on its way to the game for the holiday season. Dragonite will be the 29th pocket monster added to Pokémon Unite. First seen in the West in Pokémon Red and Blue nearly 25 years ago, the first-gen Dragon-type is something of a fan-favorite. The game’s official website currently reveals only three of Dragonite’s moves: Dragon Breath, Outrage and Draco Impact. Although the blog entry doesn’t give any stats, it says that Dragonite will be an All-Rounder.
Pokémon Unite offers a MOBA take on the traditionally turn-based games. Players pick from a roster of 28 characters and then go head-to-head against other teams, using unique combat abilities and strategies to lead their side to victory. The game is free to download but was criticized upon its release for its excessive microtransactions and monetization tactics. Despite these issues, the game recently celebrated over 50 million downloads. It launched in July of this year for the Nintendo Switch and later in September for mobile devices.
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Although the game’s roster currently features only a fraction of all existing Pokémon, it continues to grow. Frequent updates introduce new monsters, as do themed events, which also bring unique items and decorations to the game. The recent Halloween Festival added Sword and Shield‘s Greedent to the roster and encouraged players to collect pumpkins on a spooky version of Aeos Island. Additional goodies are also available for those who purchase Pokémon Unite‘s Battle Pass.
Developed by TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Unite is currently available to download for free on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. The Christmas event begins on Dec. 15.
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