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For those who don’t know, there’s actually another way for people to monetize their videos aside from the usual upload to Youtube, wait to get enough subscribers, then finally start making little by little.
There’s a new website called Rumble that allows people to monetize their videos using a much easier platform. According to Redditor u/messem10, he uploaded a video onto the platform and just recently, he got an email stating that he will receive a total of $125 just for that video.
Rumble is said to be another video hosting site quite like Vimeo or YouTube, except they do have partners like MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, MSN, and etc. Due to the platform’s partnerships, it is paying users to upload their videos for those partners to use. Should a video be approved, the uploader will get $50. If the video is said to be good enough to make its way to the front page, the user will get over $100
Every video hosting website has its own set of different monetization rules and Rumble is the same. The thing about Rumble, however, is that it allows users to decide just how much they are willing to monetize. Here are the following options for people to monetize on Rumble:
Profit Sharing
Users will be giving up all their rights to Rumble in exchange for an earning of up to 90% of what the video makes on YouTube as well as another 60% of what the video makes through other partners.
Users will give up all of their rights to Rumble and have the possibility of making all the way up to $1000.
Users get to keep all of their rights to the video and can generate up to $500 in profit. This will allow Rumble a non-exclusive license towards the video where Rumble and its partners can use it but the uploader still owns the video.
Not for Sale
Obviously, this is not really something that most people would want especially if they are trying to make money out of selling stock footage.
There’s actually another way to make money through Rumble. Users will be able to make $0.25/day just through tagging the videos. They can do a maximum of 5 videos a day at a rate of $0.05 per video. As seen on the Rumble official website, there are still a few more things users can freely explore.
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While YouTube may have quite strict policies, Rumble on the other hand keeps things simple. It is said that these three notes are the only things that Rumble is looking for and the better these particular requirements are, the higher chances of monetizing users’ videos.
Videos with good descriptions and good titles
Original content and interesting subject
High quality videos

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