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If you are ready to fire your boss and become your own, keep reading. The world has shifted online, and digital means of income are a greater reality than ever. The key is to work smarter, not harder. A blog can be a perfect example of this! If you are ready to not only earn but save a substantial amount of money in 2022, here are some tips for building a very cushy nest egg.
Start Blogging
Yes, we are coming up on 2022, but if you want to start a blog, its better late than never. The pandemic pushed more and more people online, so give them new and original content! If you have an idea, now is the time to see if it will stick. And if you are wondering about start-up expenses, keep reading for some relieving news.
Make Money Cheaply
Starting a blog that earns passive income is cheaper than ever. For approximately the cost of a cup of coffee, you can secure web hosting and a domain name and reach millions of readers. Having your own site used to be for a privileged few, but this is a thing of the past.
Special Events
Web hosting is cheaper than ever, but at certain times of the year, tech companies run deals that are too good to pass up. Look at hosting and domain platforms around any holiday as they will almost always offer deep discounts, but mark your calendars for Black Friday. If you really want to fire the boss and launch your own website, wait for this mother-of-all-discount holiday to get the tools you need to build a successful site.
Dont Be Afraid of the Word Unpaid
If you are not a WordPress wizard and need help building your site, especially money-making affiliate links, do not be afraid to use the word unpaid.Reach out to students to offer your site as a portfolio/project piece, and never underestimate the power of Craigslist. You would be surprised at how many pro developers would be happy to take on a website pro bono if they can add it to their portfolio.
Find Your Tribe
Any successful blogger needs to find and market to their target audience. Zero in on your ideal demographic and do a little research, then do everything you can to get the news out about your website. Social media is free advertising on a global level, so learn how to use it. Establish a clear brand voice and mission to bring people in and engage them to do business with you. Social media is free and invaluable at the same time do not forget this.
Its the 21st century. If there was ever a time that making money online was possible for you, its now. Start today!
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