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City Manager Bruce Moore sent a memo to the Little Rock City Board last week that signals the beginning of discussion of a tax proposal for voters, at least for capital projects.
His memo notes that there are no targeted community development projects listed in the proposed 2022 budget (a subject brought up recently by City Director Doris Wright). These projects are generally considered capital projects, he said. A 3/8th-cent sales tax for capital projects expires on Dec. 31. A previous bond issue for street and drainage work will be paid off in 2022 and a three-mill property tax levy will expire.
So, might the board want to renew the 3-mill levy for streets or other capital improvements?
If so, Moore wrote, new state law dictates an election could be held only on Feb. 8, May 24 (the primary), Aug. 9 or Nov. 8 (the general election).
Moore said the staff would ask the city board to conduct a series of meetings in 2022 to develop consensus on a package of capital projects to be submitted to voters.
He also said targeted projects could be funded with the second round of money provided to cities and counties under the American Rescue Plan Act for pandemic aid. More said the money is expected in May and will be the final allocation for eligible costs incurred through December 2024.
The money can be used, he said, “to address disparate impacts of the pandemic on certain populations in qualified census tracts, including supportive housing and other services for individuals experiencing homelessness and development of affordable housing. Other projects may fall under the revenue loss category, or under the category for water, sewer and broadband infrastructure projects.”
A board resolution will be required to authorize a spending plan.
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