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Hiring the right candidate or finding the perfect tenant not only provides peace of mind, but it can save money in the long run. To help mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong candidate or the wrong tenant moving in, conduct a background check using one of our best background check sites. Background checks usually include criminal history, credit report, education, employment history, previous addresses, and personal and professional reference checks. 
We reviewed 22 different background check sites to determine the best options available. The reports should come relatively quickly, have a good reputation, and be Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant (FCRA) if it is for employment. To determine a company’s reputation, we looked at real, unbiased reviews from actual customers rather than testimonials.
First Advantage
First Advantage is the best overall background check site because results are quick, and it offers international background checks. The company manually reaches out to candidates if they need additional information, so you don’t have to contact them yourself.
Most background check results clear in less than 24 hours
Offers international background checks
Some results are instant.
Candidates complain about redundant requests for information.
Common names and aliases delay results significantly.
If the candidate has employment gaps, they must still account for it on the application.
Providing background checks in over 200 countries, First Advantage offers services for small businesses and international organizations. It’s the best background check site because most results come back in less than 24 hours, while some are instant. It offers drug testing and can even order fingerprint-based background checks from the FBI. 
Background checks typically come back within minutes, but that timing can be significantly longer depending on the country or county. Starting at $20 and continuing to over $105, background checks can include the following, depending on the package you select:
For enterprise and international organizations, contact First Advantage for a custom quote. Otherwise, mid-level and smaller organizations have an option to choose packages Select, Choice, Plus, or Premium.
We chose Rentberry as the best value background check site because it offers both a credit report and background check for a low price paid by the tenant; it’s free for landlords. The comprehensive report is available immediately online, helping ideal tenants move in quickly.
Free for landlords
Instant access to results
100% online—no paperwork necessary
Credit report will never show evictions if the tenant moved before the court date.
Prospective tenants still pay for the report if they’re not chosen.
Collections on the credit report aren’t detailed.
Rentberry background checks are only available in the U.S., but landlords can list properties worldwide. This is the best value background check site because it doesn’t cost a landlord anything to use, and they can list properties to rent at no cost, making it an attractive option whether the landlords are new or seasoned rental property owners.
Once a potential tenant locates a property and wants to apply to rent it, they fill out an online application and pay $19.99. This covers both the background check and the credit report, which is instantly available to the tenant and landlord.
Both the background check and credit report use Experian. The credit check is a soft pull, so it won’t negatively impact a tenant’s credit score. It verifies the tenant’s identity, collections, credit score, public records, creditworthiness, rental history, and employment background. The background check looks at state and national databases, driving and civil records, and criminal history records. 
After selecting a tenant, landlords can send an offer electronically and e-sign rental agreements. Tenants can even make online rental payments.
While you’ll pay more to hire a good candidate, GoodHire offers one of the most comprehensive background checks we reviewed. It provides the standard criminal background check, but you can also purchase additional reports to include data such as credit history, education and employment verification, and healthcare sanctions.
Identity verification is instant.
Ongoing Alerts add-on allows monthly monitoring.
Option to purchase healthcare sanction reports
Some states and counties require additional pricing for complexity and time.
To access more comprehensive reports, you must pay more.
You cannot purchase individual add-ons without buying a background check.
GoodHire provides the most detailed reporting amongst all background check services—access comprehensive reports like federal, state, and global courts, plus add-on reports such as healthcare sanctions, professional license verification, and reference checks. It launched in 2013 and works exclusively with employers and candidates.
Packages offered are Basic, Standard, and Premium checks. These packages cost $29.99, $54.99, and $79.99, respectively, plus a one-time setup fee. 
Social Security number trace and identity verification are instantaneous, while criminal record searches take one to three business days. Civil records searches take one to seven business days. Available reports include:
If you plan on running more than 25 background checks per year, GoodHire can give a custom quote with reduced pricing.
Aside from its rave reviews from both candidates and employers, Checkr is the best background check company for employers because it’s easy to use. Invite up to 25 candidates in a single go, and access simple reports to make hiring decisions quickly.
Mass-invite candidates by email to fill out a background check application
Easy-to-navigate user interface (UI)
Positive Adjudication Matrix (PAM) erases inconsistencies in court record terminology.
Some background checks can take around three weeks due to delays in county court searches.
If a candidate uses an alias or has a common name, results may take longer.
Fees can vary depending on the county.
Checkr launched in 2014 and has offices in both Denver and San Francisco. It’s the best background check site for employers because you can bulk-invite candidates and simplify court jargon all in one easy-to-use interface. With over 400 employees, Checkr works solely to provide background checks to employers. It also has some of the best reviews across all of the background check sites we examined.
With no consistency across county and state databases, PAM technology helps disseminate terminology, so human resource representatives don’t have to spend much time deciphering results.
Pricing starts at $21 per background check, although higher volume may offer better pricing. Around 85% of Checkr’s background checks come back within 24 hours, allowing employers can make hiring decisions quickly.  
Background checks include the following reports:
In 2018, owner, CoStar Group, purchased Cozy, and effective July 28, 2021, all eligible accounts were moved over to the platform. We picked as the best background check site for landlords because the background check cost is included in the renter's application fee, and tenants can make online rent payments that are directly deposited into their landlord's account.
Free for landlords—tenants pay for background checks
40 million potential renters on
Tenants can set up automatic rent payments.
Some Cozy users have complained that is less user-friendly and that tenant applications are bare bones.
Commercial properties cannot be managed on is one of the easiest background check sites for landlords because it's all done online and at no cost to the landlord. Potential tenants pay an application fee of $29 that includes the cost of their credit report and background check. They can also share their screening reports with up to 10 potential landlords for 30 days without incurring additional fees. uses TransUnion for the credit report and background check, providing a ResidentScore that considers a potential tenant's payment history, eviction record, and comprehensive credit history. The credit report is a soft pull, so it won't impact a potential tenant's score.
The background check report includes address and employment history and a criminal report compiled by searching national databases and county court records.
Once landlords have selected a tenant, they can create an online lease agreement that the tenant can also sign online. Tenants can then set up automatic rent payments that are deposited directly into the landlord's bank account.
If you’re looking for instant background check results, Intelius provides its report in mere minutes. Compared to other background check sites we reviewed, this is by far the fastest available.
Receive instant access to the background check report
Report includes education history.
Multiple packages available depending on the records you need.
Results may not be as accurate.
You’re automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription when you purchase a report.
It’s not FCRA-compliant.
While you can’t use it for tenancy, insurance, employment, or credit because it’s not FCRA-compliant, Intelius can give you instant insight into someone’s criminal background. Some people use this to look into potential business partners or even a love interest. It’s the best background check site if you want instant results—your report is available immediately.
You don’t need a Social Security number to access the report, but you’ll need the person’s name, city, and state. For a more accurate report, Intelius will ask questions to help further narrow down results, such as, “Is this person over 30?” and, “Has this person ever lived in Madison, Wisconsin?” You may have a hard time finding the right person if you don’t know much about them or if they have a common name. 
Subscription packages start at $24.86 per month for unlimited searches, and you cannot purchase a standalone background check. However, Intelius does offer a $1.99 trial subscription then $29.63 per month after that. If you don’t want to continue the trial or subscription, you can cancel online or by calling 888-245-1655.  
An Intelius background check includes:
Background check sites help you find the best candidates and tenants by identifying high-risk criminal records and credit history. It can also verify past employment, education, and personal and professional references.
Most background check results come in days, but the most comprehensive reports can take weeks, particularly with international records. You’ll also pay more for these background checks, but it can save money in the long run. 
We recommend First Advantage for your background check needs because it’s fast, hands-off, and offers international checks.
While there is no accuracy measurement across background check sites, it’s important to choose a reputable provider. Typically, this comes in the form of FCRA compliance
The accuracy of background checks can also depend on whether or not the candidate has used an alias. However, most background check sites can add aliases. In cases of common names or foreign involvement, background check providers may need to manually review information, which can add to the cost.
The employer determines what information they need to make a hiring decision. They may ask for driving history, employment history, education, criminal records, and credit history. Pending criminal charges may show up, although some states, like Kentucky, won’t ever show pending charges. 
Civil orders, such as a restraining order, won’t usually show up on a background check. However, if it was in addition to a criminal charge, it may show as an annotation to sentencing.
A level 3 background check is a standard background check that includes reference checks, criminal history, previous employment, and education. This can also sometimes include drug testing if the company orders it. 
Each level of background check is progressively more involved. For example, level 1 will only check a candidate’s name in local court records, whereas a level 2 background check looks at state and national records. 
A waiver is necessary to obtain background check information on a candidate in most states. Certain states may have laws specifying what that waiver needs to include. Some even prohibit background checks unless it’s a position of trust, so it’s important to seek legal counsel to ensure compliance in your region.
If you're using background check information to determine if someone is hirable, an employer must use an FCRA-compliant background check provider.
We looked at 22 of the best background check sites available and narrowed it down to the best six options based on several features and considerations. We considered company reputation, price, ease of use, and how long it takes to receive results. If the report is for employment, we also made sure the company is FCRA compliant.
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