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VRJAM, the UK’s leading creator of live music experiences in virtual reality, today teased the launch of the VRJAM platform, a revolutionary new metaverse events platform, and NFT creation solution.

To bring the VRJAM metaverse platform to life, VRJAM has partnered with market leading NFT software developer to launch a rich virtual reality world that offers a host of new solutions for artists to render and monetize their music and live shows in amazing new ways using NFT’s, blockchain and immersive technology. 
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The VRJAM platform promises to open up completely new ways for both fans and artists to experience live music events and represents the next step in the evolution of live music.
Ownership of this virtual world will be shared by a guild of globally recognized artists and record labels who will cooperate to create value and define new possibilities for music inside the metaverse.
VRJAM’s metaverse platform offers solutions for true live performance using technology years ahead of other similar platforms. It provides an unsurpassed user experience and offers fans, artists, and labels an array of unique features;
– A persistent ‘always on’ virtual world with an array of live events happening every day.
– A platform for the creation and rendering of revolutionary new types of NFTs
– A space for direct to fan engagement and the creation of fan experience events, from DJ lessons to private gigs
– A digital solution to empower music venues to exist in the metaverse
– A platform for the distribution and monetization of recorded music by labels and publishers
– Powered by a native in game cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin.
The VRJAM metaverse platform’s heart is a blockchain-based trading and finance system, VRJAM Coin. This revolutionary new cryptocurrency will create ways for both artists and fans to earn money inside the metaverse and promises to create entirely new business models for artists, venues and labels at a time when their traditional ways of making money have been turned upside down by the Covid 19 pandemic.
The VRJAM cryptocurrency is backed by investment from five of the world’s leading blockchain specialist investment and venture capital firms, demonstrating the exciting potential of VRJAM’s tech. The opportunity to invest in the VRJAM token sale is open now; prospective investors can apply to join via the VRJAM website;
Fans and artists who want to be a part of the next step in the evolution of live music should head to the VRJAM website and join the VRJAM community to get access to exclusive offers, free cryptocurrency and amazing music.
The VRJAM platform is scheduled to go live in early 2022, follow on social media to stay up to date.
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